3SAE Autoprep II Fiber Preparation Unit

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The AutoPrep II™ is a product utilizing patented Burst™ Technology. The controlled hot air flow of the Burst™ Technology is a fast and chemical-free fiber stripping process which cleans and removes the polymer coating from an optical fiber. Burst™ Technology instantly vaporizes the fiber’s coating. The result is a perfectly stripped fiber. The stripped area is free of debris at 400x magnification and the strength of the stripped fiber is typically >400Kpsi

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An optimal cleave of the optical fiber is produced by a high precision fiber cleaver incorporated into the AutoPrep II™. The cleaver generates a typicalcleave angle offset of less than 0.5 degrees.The AutoPrep II™ has a user-friendly design. Guided fiber holders easily place the fiber in the correct position every time, and a “One Touch” go button starts the automatic preparation process.To ensure high quality and repeatability, all critical processes for stripping,cleaning and cleaving are controlled by a built-in microprocessor.The AutoPrep II™ is adapted for stand-alone use and is compatible with allof the world’s leading fusion splicers.

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