UDT Instruments S370 Single Channel Optometer w/ S257GE Optical Head

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High-accuracy measurements
Wide dynamic range
 Large calibration capacity
 Backlit 16-character LCD display
Calibration data/accessories information display
Simple touch keypad
Rugged construction for tabletop use
Standard IEEE-488 computer interface

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Add the appropriate sensor head and the model S370 becomes a versatile, easy-to-use photometric, radiometric or fiberoptic power meter. Compact and lightweight for portability, the S370 features large controls and an easy-to read, 16-character LCD screen. As the user programs each test parameter, the microprocessor provides step-by-step prompts via the LCD screen.

The S370 can be controlled by a simple, 10-function keypad or from a host computer via the IEEE-488 interface. Functions such as sending and receiving data, viewing operational data on the host computer’s monitor, and programming the S370 can be performed from a remote location.

UDT Instruments unique plug-in calibration module enables limitless calibration. The module is an EPROM that is preprogrammed by qualified technicians in a UDT Instruments calibration lab. All calibrations are NIST-traceable and multiple modules are also available.

The S370 has five functions that eliminate tedious calculations. In “Linear”, the S370 can be used with any linear photodiode. “Log” permits attenuation measurements or measurements relative to a reference level. “Log Ratio” allows the user to set a measurement as a reference level to which other measurements may be compared. “Ratio” takes the ratio of a reference value to subsequent measurements. “Responsivity” permits the user to program the responsivity of any uncalibrated sensor head into the S370. The S370 also offers an analog output and an analog bar graph display on the front panel.

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