Tektronix TSG111 PAL Signal Generator

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The Tektronix TSG111 is a low cost PAL test signal generator tailored for the testing and servicing of PAL television equipment. The 10-Bit digital signal generation and internal architecture allow signal generation with the accuracy and stability until now available only in higher cost generators. With the TSG111, you get all the signals needed to test levels, linearity, frequency response, phase response, clamp performance, picture monitor alignment and more.

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Low Cost Test Signal Generator
Tailored for Service Applications
High Accuracy Test Signal Generation
Two Channels of Audio Tone with Channel One Identification
Compact and Lightweight
75% and 100% color bars over red
Convergence pattern
Luminance ramp
Modulated ramp
5-step staircase
(Sin x)/x
100% line sweep
CCIR 17, 18, 330 and 331
UK ITS 1 and 2

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