Tektronix TLA7AA4 Logic Analyzer Module, 136-Channel, 8 GHz Timing, 120 MHz State with Option CS

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The Tek TLA7AA4 is a 136-channel Logic Analyzer module, 8 GHz timing, 120 MHz state and 128 Kb depth. Options available for up to 32 Mb depth and/or up to 450 MHz state. Used with P68xx or P69xx Tektronix Probes.

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136 Channel Logic Analyzers with up to 256 Mb Depth
500 ps (2 GHz)/32 Mb Deep Memory Timing Analysis
MagniVu™ Acquisition Technology Provides up
to 125 ps (8 GHz) Timing Resolution to Find Difficult Problems Quickly
Up to 800 MHz State Acquisition Analysis of Synchronous
Digital Circuits
Simultaneous State, High-speed Timing, and Analog
Analysis Through the Same Probe Pinpoints Elusive Faults Without
Double Probing
Glitch and Setup/Hold Triggering and Display Finds
and Displays Elusive Hardware Problems
Transitional Storage Extends the Signal Analysis Capture Time
Simultaneous Analog and Digital Measurements Through the Same Probe
Compression Probing System With 0.5 pF Capacitive
Loading Eliminates Need For On-board Connectors, Minimizes Intrusion
on Circuits and is Ideal for Differential Signal Applications
Broad Processor and Bus Support

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