Tektronix PG3AMOD Digital Pattern Generator, 300 MHz, 64-Channel

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The Tektronix PGA3MOD Digital Pattern Generators enable you to perform functional tests by stimulating system inputs. The system response can be captured with a Tektronix Logic Analyzer to determine if the system functioned as expected. The PG3AMOD or PG3ACAB Digital Pattern Generators, when used with a TLA, provide a real-time, multi-channel stimulus and capture capability. The powerful combination of a pattern generator and a TLA enable engineers in several ways. Component Substitution – Shorten design cycles with simulation of missing system elements. Stress Testing – Test complex digital designs with worst-case patterns (“corner cases”). Protocol Testing – Stimulate buses with known good or erroneous data packets. Infrequent Events – Reproduce bugs that only occur in response to an unusual event.

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300 MHz
64 Channels
32M Memory Depth
Form Factor: Plug-in module for TLA7000 or TLA700 mainframes TLA704, TLA714, TLA715, and TLA7012)

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Weight 42 lbs