Tektronix P7225 Active Probe, 2.5 GHz

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The Tek P7225 2.5 GHz Active probe supports the TDS7154 and TDS7254B oscilloscopes.

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With the ultra-low input capacitance and high input resistance provided by the P7225, you are able to make measurements with minimal signal distortion. This probe offers a wide 8 Vpk-pk dynamic range to access today’s voltage levels.

<140 ps Rise Time (guaranteed)
2.5 GHz Bandwidth
≤0.8 pF Input Capacitance
8 Vpk-pk Dynamic Range
40 kΩ Input Resistance
TekConnect® Interface
Supports TDS7154/7254 Active Probe Needs by Providing a TekConnect 2.5 GHz, 8 Vpk-pk Dynamic-range Cost-effective Probing Solution for Mid-band Real-time Oscilloscopes
10x Attenuation

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