Tektronix DSA8300 Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope

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With an industry-leading intrinsic jitter of less than 100 femtoseconds for extremely accurate device characterization, the DSA8300 Series provides comprehensive support for Optical Communications Standards, Time Domain Reflectometry and S-parameters. The DSA8300 Digital Sampling Oscilloscope is a complete high-speed PHY Layer testing platform for data communications from 155Mb/sec to 100G.

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Highest Fidelity Signal Capture

Very Low Time-base Jitter

425 fs Typical on up to 8 Simultaneously Acquired Channels
<100 fs Typical on up to 6 Channels with 82A04B Phase Reference Module

Industry’s Highest Vertical Resolution – 16 bit A/D

Electrical Resolution: <20 µV LSB (for 1 V full range)
Optical Resolution depends on the Dynamic Range of the Optical Module – Ranges from <20 nW for the 80C07B (1 mW full range) to <0.6 µW for the 80C10C (30 mW full range)

Flexible Configurations

With Today’s Sampling Module Portfolio, the DSA8300 supports up to 8 Simultaneously Acquired Signals
A Wide Variety of Optical, Electrical, and Accessory Modules to support your Specific Testing Requirements
Optical Modules

Fully Integrated Optical Modules that support all Standard Optical Data Rates from 155 Mb/s to 100 Gb/s
Certified Optical Reference Receivers Support Specified Requirements for Standards-mandated Compliance Testing
Optical Bandwidths to >80 GHz
High Optical Sensitivity, Low Noise, and Wide Dynamic Range of the Optical Sampling Modules allows Accurate Testing and Characterization of Short-reach to Long-haul Optical Communications Standards
Fully Calibrated Clock Recovery Solutions – No need to manually calibrate for data pick-off losses
Calibrated Extinction Ratio Measurements ensure Repeatability of Extinction Ratio Measurements to <0.5 dB among Systems with Modules with this Factory Calibration Option

Electrical Modules

Electrical Bandwidths to >70 GHz
Very Low-noise Electrical Samplers (280 µV at 20 GHz, 450 µV at 60 GHz, typical)
Selectable Bandwidths* allow the User to Trade-off Sampler Bandwidth and Noise for Optimal Data Acquisition Performance
Remote Samplers* or Compact Sampling Extender Module Cables support Minimal Signal Degradation by allowing the Sampler to be Located in Close Proximity to the Device Under Test
World’s Highest-performance Integrated TDR (10 ps typical step rise time) supports Exceptional Impedance Discontinuity Characterization and High Dynamic Range for S-parameter Measurements to 50 GHz

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