Tektronix DC505A Universal Counter/Timer

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This Plug-in is a used Frequency Counter Plug-In that is designed to operate in a TM 500 Series Power Module.

This unit has seven measurement functions, such as frequency counting, finding frequency ratios, period timing, interval timing, width timing, electronic event counting, and manual event counting.

This unit has two input channels (A&B), each have BNC inputs and separate triggering levels, attenuators, and coupling mode controls, and 225MHz capability.

Provides 7-digit LED display.

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Tektronix DC505A Universal Counter/Timer

Frequency Range: 0 to 225MHz, DC Coupled Time Interval Resolution: 10ns to 1ms Sensitivity: 150mVp-p Impedance: 1Mohm parallel by 24pF Attenuation: 20x Time Base: 0deg C to 50deg C Number of Channels: 2



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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 15 in

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DC505A Universal Counter/Timer



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