Tektronix AWG520 Arbitrary Waveform Generator with Option 1R

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The AWG520’s unique design combines a graphical editing display with powerful output capabilities to simplify the creation of arbitrary and complex waveforms and enable easy on-screen waveform editing. With the AWG520’s many built-in intuitive and powerful features, you can easily develop and edit custom waveforms. Option 03 adds an independent 10-bit-wide digital data port that can be used in conjunction with marker outputs for data generation up to 14-bits wide at up to 1 GHz (14-bits, AWG520). Direct waveform transfer capability makes the AWG520 the perfect complement to selected Tektronix oscilloscopes.

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Two Channels with 10-Bit Vertical Resolution
Independent 10-Channel, 1 GHz Digital Data Generation (Opt. 03)
Built-in Independent Real-time Noise Generation
External Clock Input Permits Jitter Insertion and Synchronization
Supports Direct External Clock and 10 MHz Reference Input
Unique Real-time Sequencing Links Multiple Waveform Files Creating Waveforms of Nearly Infinite Length
Built-in Application Generates Jitter, Data Communication and Disk Drive Waveforms
User Modified Isolation Pulse for Disk Drive Testing
Built-in 10 GB Hard Drive for Mass Data Storage that can Optionally be made Removable for Secure Applications (using Opt 11)
Optional 128 MB Flash Disk for ATE Applications (Opt 10)
Replace Standard Function and Sweep Generators in Wide Range of Applications


Communications Design and Test:

Low Frequency Modulated RF with Components Using AM and FM Modulation
Digital Information Encoding Using FSK, PSK and QAM (Quadrature Modulation) for Cellular, Fax and Modem Communications

Optical Communications Design and Test:

Reflections, Crosstalk and Ground Bounce Simulation

Pulse Generation:

Duty Cycle Ranges from 0% to 100% for NRZ Data
Testing Clock/Gating Width Variations

Real-world Simulations:

Corrupt Ideal Waveforms
Add Jitter to Waveforms
EMP/EMI and Other System Noise
Power Supply Noise and Ripple
Transducer Simulation

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