Tektronix AWG510 Arbitrary Waveform Generator 50 kHz to 1 GHz

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The Tek AWG510 Arbitrary Wavefor Generator generates one-channel differential output. The AWG500-Series Generator contains a 1 GHz clock frequency, a 10-bit DA conveter, and a 4 M-word waveform memory. The unit includes editors for waveform, pattern, sequence, text and equation.

The AWG500-Series Arbitrary Wavefor Generator allows you to create sine, triangle, square, ramp, and complex waves, as well as direct current and noise signals. It allows you to set waveform attributes such as frequency, amplitude and offset.

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Real-time Noise generation
10-bit vertical
Programmable via GPIB
File Transfers from GPIB
graphical user interface
WaveWriter Software support
Flatness : 3 %

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Weight 42 lbs