Tektronix 576 Curve Tracer

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The Tektronix 576 Curve Tracer System is an excellent general purpose curve tracer that performs well in applications where high current testing is required. The 576 accepts three different test fixtures: the standard test fixture, the 172 programmable test fixture, and the 176 pulsed high-current fixture. With the standard test fixture, the collector supply of the 576 delivers up to 220 watts peak to the device under test. The step generator can deliver up to 2 amps in both its current and voltage modes of operation. With the 176 high-current fixture, the 576 is capable of pulsed collector operation up to 200 amps peak.

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Tests Two- and Three-Terminal Discrete Componentss
Max collector power: 220W
Max collector current: 10A
Max base current: 2A
Convenient scale-factor readout
Model 176 test fixture for testing power devices to 1000 Watts or 200 amps pulsed power (not included, but available)
Calibrated display offset
Adjustable current limiting in the step generator
300 µs or 80 µs pulse width in pulsed-base operation
Pushbuttons display zero and calibration points on the display
Illuminated graticule

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