Rohde & Schwarz SMH U58 Signal Generator, 100 kHz to 4320 MHz

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The R&S SMHU58 is ideal for applications which the majority of signal generators cannot handle. In addition to out-of-channel measurements, it is for instance able to determine the spurious rejection of radiotelephone equipment up to 4 GHz as laid down by CEPT.

The Rohde & Schwarz SMHU58 is a high accuracy 100 kHz – 4.32 GHz Signal Generator designed for testing of radio communications systems. It features 0.1 Hz frequency resolution, high spectral purity, and AM/FM/Phase/Pulse/Digital modulation. Output level is settable from -140 to +13 dBm. An OCXO time base and digital or analog sweep capability are standard. The SMHU has an extremely broadband I-Q Modulator making it ideal for testing of digital radio receiver systems.

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I/Q Modulator for any phase and amplitude modulation (PSK, QAM,
ASK, etc.)
Second, coherent carrier for simple I/Q demodulation
Frequency Hopping – 4800 stored frequency and level settings
Setting time <1 ms for frequency agile systems
High output power: +19 dBm

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Weight 42 lbs