Rohde & Schwarz AMIQ02 I/Q Modulation Generator w/ Option K11

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Includes Option K11

AMIQ is mainly used for generating modulation signals for the I and Q inputs of a vector-modulated RF generator. Another application is testing modules or components with an I/Q interface. The control of I/Q interfaces is particularly simplified by fine tuning the delay, level and offset of the I/Q outputs. With this adjustment non-ideal characteristics of the circuits to be driven can be compensated for. Apart from the use as an I/Q signal source AMIQ allows all kinds of signals of programmable waveform to be generated at the I/Q outputs and at the four digital marker outputs of the instrument.

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14-bit resolution (up to 16 bits via digital I/Q output)
100 MHz sample rate
Integrated hard disk and FDD
Optional BER measurement
Optional differential I/Q outputs
Optional digital I/Q output

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