RIGOL DG4102 Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 100 MHz

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As Rigol’s newest waveform generator, the DG4000 series is part of a new family of fast, easy-to-use, ultra-modern testing instruments. DG4000 is a multifunctional generator that helps accomplish a range of testing by combining many functions into one instrument. Functions include Function Generation, Arbitrary Waveform Generation, Pulse Generation, Harmonic Generation, and Analog/Digital Modulation and Counting. The DG4000 utilizes Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology, which delivers stable, precise, low distortion signals. The sleek new design features a high resolution 7” display screen, while user-friendly interface design and panel layout improves efficiency.

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  • Generators up to 160 MHz
  • 2 output channel
  • 500 MSa/s sample rate
  • 130 built-in waveforms
  • 7-inch color LCD display
  • 14 bit vertical resolution
  • Standard Interfaces including LXI-C (Ethernet), USB device and USB host



Option Description
MC3065 DMM Module (6½ digits)
MC3120 32-channel Multiplexer
MC3132 32-channel Multiplexer
MC3164 64-channel Single-ended Multiplexer
MC3232 32-channel Reed Multiplexer
MC3264 64-channel Single-ended Reed Multiplexer
MC3324 20-voltage-channel+4-current-channel Mixed Multiplexer
MC3416 16-channel Actuator
MC3534 Multifunction Module
MC3648 4×8 Matrix Switch
MC3724 Dual 4-channel RF Multiplexer

Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 15 × 22 in



Model Number


Frequency High Khz




Modulation Type

AM, FM, Phase, Pulse

Sample Rate

500 MSa/s