Racal Dana 1260-54, 1.3 GHz Multiplexer Module, VXI

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The Racal Instruments™ 1260-54 is ideal for high-performance RF applications. The tree configuration eliminates the effect of unterminated stubs which would otherwise severely limit bandwidth performance. Unused inputs may be terminated into optional on-board 50 ohm impedances.

The 1260-54 can be used for switching signals to and from oscilloscopes, spectrum, network or distortion analyzers to a unit under test. The module consists of six independent banks of channels configured as 1×4 multiplexers.

Only one connection at a time can be made to each common bus. Unused inputs may be terminated into optional terminators (which must be purchased separately). There is also a fifth, no connect, position for each bank for situations when no signal is required on the common bus.

Relay coil current monitoring is available to provide confidence checking. This gives the user assurance of proper relay operation.

The 1260-54 is controlled by the Option 01 message-based interface.

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Configured as Six 1×4 Tree Multiplexers
Excellent Crosstalk, Isolation and VSWR Performance for 1.3 GHz
Low Noise Performance Supports Switching of Low-level RF Signals
Ideal for VHF/UHF Matrix Building Block
Optional Termination of Input Signals

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Weight 8 lbs