Precision Test Systems PTS50, 10 MHz Distribution Amplifier

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10 MHz Input
AGC Controlled
5 Sinewave Outputs
1 Squarewave Output
Slave Output
Low Phase Noise
High Isolation
MTBF over 30 years
AC or DC power
CE Marked

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The PTS50 can be used to synchronize up to six instruments to a 10 MHz reference input. The PTS50 incorporates AGC (automatic gain control) so that a 10 MHz input can be varied from -10 dBm to +20 dBm without the outputs changing by more than 0.4 dB. Inputs as low as -30 dBm still produce a useable output. The pure sinewave output (harmonics are 70 dB down) enables the PTS50 to work in the most demanding applications. The output frequency accuracy is exactly the same as the input frequency accuracy.

There are five, 10 MHz, sinewave outputs. Each 10 MHz output is isolated from the input and each other. Therefore the reference oscillator connected to the PTS50 input is protected against load variations, short circuits etc. that may be applied to the outputs.
A sixth squarewave output can be switched in frequency from 10 MHz, 2 MHz, 1 MHz, 100 kHz and 1 Hz. This output is ideal for instruments that do not use a 10 MHz timebase. A rear slave output can be connected to a second PTS50 (or more) to give up to twelve outputs (or more).

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