Power Mate Corp (PMC) LL-300 Lectra-Load II

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The LL-300 Lectra-Load II was designed to be easy to use as well as functional. This resulted in a large, easy-to-read, 4-digit LED meter for voltage and current, well spaces vernier controls, an oscilloscope output, and push-button switches for mode and range. The unit is provided with circuitry to protect it against excessive voltage, current or heat. A crowbar curcuit protects it against any internally or externally caused overvoltage condition. It is electronically guarded against overcurrent, and the thermal protection circuit shuts the instrument down when the maximum operating temperature is reached.

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Maximum Loading Power: 1250 Watts
Load Voltage: 1.5Vdc to 50 Vdc
Current Ripple: Less than 0.1A p-p

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Weight 10 lbs