Newport BGM120CC Motorized Goniometer Cradle

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Newport BGM120CC Motorized Goniometer Cradle.  New – Open Box

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Newport BGM120CC Motorized Goniometer Cradle.  New – Open Box

The M-BGM120CC Metric Goniometer uses a high torque DC motor. This motor also features a built-in tachometer to provide superior speed stability. BG Series goniometric cradles rotate on a transverse axis above the platform. Compared to full 360° rotation stages, they offer maximum free access to the rotating part and allow construction of very compact multi-axis rotation assemblies. BG cradles are designed so that orthogonal mounting of two adjacent-size cradles (e.g., BGS50 and BGS80) provides two perpendicular rotational axes intersecting at about the same point in space. Mounting a rotation stage under the assembly adds a third orthogonal rotation axis through the same point. Precision rotation is ensured by a precision ground, hardened worm gear drive. Single row ball bearings and precision ground tool-steel races ensure smooth rotation with minimal wobble and eccentricity. A home switch, conveniently located at the center of travel, facilitates the return of the platform to a level position.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 23 in

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