National Instruments SCXI-1300 (185161A-01) Low-Voltage Screw Terminal Block, Cast

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General-purpose voltage module
Mounts to front of SCXI module
Onboard sensor for cold junction compensation
Recommended for general-purpose voltage applications
Shielded for quick, convenient signal connections

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National Instruments SCXI terminal blocks provide a convenient
method for connecting and disconnecting signals to your system. The
NI SCXI-13xx front-mount terminal blocks feature direct connections
to transducers at the screw terminals located within a fully shielded
enclosure or at front-mounted BNC connectors. Strain-relief clamps hold
the signal wires safely in place. You can also choose either the TC-2095
or BNC-2095 rack-mount terminal blocks for minithermocouple
connectors or BNC connectors. These terminal blocks are ideal
solutions for high-channel-count temperature or voltage applications.
TBX DIN-rail mount terminal blocks are an alternative to the SCXI-13xx
terminal blocks which attach directly to the front of an SCXI module. The
TBX system includes shielded cables that connect the front I/O connector
of an SCXI module to a TBX terminal block.

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