Kepco ATE36-30M Power Supply, 0-36V, 0-30A, 1000W

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The ATE36-30M Power Supply is a precision analog-controlled power supply. It features high gain and zeroable offsets to precisely follow voltage signals or variable resistance controls precisely. An optional fast mode provides fast programming response into the mid audio range. The voltage and current channels are equally controllable with automatic crossover between modes. Panel mounted analog meters allow monitoring of both channels. Local control of both channels is by panel-mounted 10-turn rheostats. This information is simultaneously delivered as an optically isolated TTL-compatible flag signal accessible through the rear connector. The unit is rated at 36 Vdc @ 30 amps. 0.001% regulation. Metered. CV/CC. Programmable. Full-rack size. 1000 Watt.

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Wattage: 0 to 1000 W
Current: 0 to 30A
Voltage: 0 to 36 Vdc
User Selectable Fast or Conventional Modes
Voltage and Current Modes
Full Zeroing and Full Calibration for both Voltage and Current

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