Keithley Model 580 Micro-ohmmeter

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The Keithley Model 580 is a 4 1/2-digit resolution autoranging micro-ohmmeter with a ±20,000 count LCD. This unit is designed for low resistance measurement requirements from 10µOhm to 200kOhm. The model 580 has an analog output/IEEE-488 interface option, Model 5802.

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Low Resistance Measurement – Seven resistance ranges from 200mOhm to 200kOhm with 10µOhm resolution on the lowest range.

Relative (REL) function – Allows measurements to be made as compared to a previously measured resistance.

Digital Calibration – Performed from the front panel or over IEEE-488 bus. Non-volatile RAM retains calibration constants.

Trigger (TRIG) – Allows operator to make single resistance measurements at desired intervals.

Dry Circuit Test – Limits test voltages to 200mV to protect sensitive contact junctions.

Drive – Select pulsed or DC Source current.

Polarity – Selcts positive or negative SOURCE current.


Part Number Description
5804 Safety Test Leads
580_900_01D User’s Manual
580_902_01G Service Manual
5801 Test Lead Pouch
5805 Kelvin Probes
5806 Kelvin Clip Lead Set
Power Cord


Option Description
1010 Single Rack Mounting Kit
1017 Dual Rack Mounting Kit
1978 Rechargeable Battery Pack
5801 Test Lead Pouch
5802 Isolated Analog Output/IEEE-488 Interface – GPIB
5804 Test Lead Set
5805 Kelvin Probes, 0.9m (3-ft.)
5805-12 Kelvin Probes, 3.6m (12-ft.)
5806 Kelvin Clip Leads
5807-7 Helical Spring Point Test Leads

This Keithley 580 Micro-ohmmeter is perfect for those in need of a reliable and accurate tool for testing electrical resistance. With its brand being Keithley, you can be assured of its quality and performance. It falls under the category of Ohmmeters & Megohmmeters, Test Meters & Detectors, and Test, Measurement & Inspection, making it a great addition to your business and industrial needs. Whether you’re an electrician, engineer, mechanic, or anyone who deals with electrical resistance testing, this micro-ohmmeter is a great tool to have.

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