Keithley 2304A 100W, High-Speed Power Supply w/ Precision Read-back

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The Model 2303 (45W) and 2304A (100W) Power Supplies provide voltage control and power monitoring for automated testing of portable, battery-operated devices. Both deliver up to 5A to handle portable device loads easily, while 100nA resolution (10µA on Model 2303-PJ) enables precise monitoring of sleep mode currents with 0.2% basic accuracy. Fast transient response simulates battery behavior, with output returning to within 100mV of the set voltage in 40µs or less. The ability to sink current enables these supplies to simulate the characteristics of a discharged, rechargeable battery for testing of battery chargers and charger-related circuitry. In addition to DC current measurements, these supplies can measure current pulses as short as 60µs and as long as 833ms. An optional remote display/control module permits the half-rack chassis to be mounted out of sight. Relay outputs permit external relays to be used in the control of tests. DVM inputs enable both supplies to measure and display DC voltages from anywhere in a test system, thus saving the expense and space needed to add a separate DMM.

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Optimized for battery-powered device testing
Ultra fast transient response to load changes
5A continuous output
Pulse peak, average, and baseline current measurements
100nA DC current sensitivity
100W output (20V @5A) (Model 2304A)
Sinks up to 3A (Model 2304A)

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