DMM users whose applications demand exceptional resolution, accuracy,
and sensitivity combined with high throughput now have two attractive
alternatives to high priced, high end DMMs. Keithley’s 7½-digit Model 2001
and 8½-digit Model 2002 High Performance Digital Multimeters not only
deliver performance specifications usually associated with instruments that
cost thousands more, but they also offer a broad range of functions not
typically available from DMMs. The 2002 is based on the same superior
measurement technology as the 2001, and the front panels of both instruments
have the same look, feel, and response.

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With a 2001 or 2002, there is no need for an
oscilloscope to determine if the crest factor is
acceptable—the DMM measures it directly.
While some DMMs calculate average AC from the
rms value, these calculations apply only to sine
wave inputs. The 2001 and 2002 measure peak
value, average and true rms directly to obtain
a complete characterization of the signal. This
capability makes these DMMs ideal for AC circuit
design or test applications and for verifying test
voltages specified only in averages.
When measuring AC or digital signals, frequency
is critical. The 2001 and 2002 accurately measure
frequency up to 15MHz. Accurate triggering
on the signal is critical to measure frequency
reliably. The frequency counters in the 2001
and 2002 have a fully adjustable trigger level for
good measurements of noisy signals.

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