Interface Technology PG100 Pulse Generator, 10 Hz to 100 MHz

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The Interface Technologies PG100 is a full performance 100 MHz pulse generators, each housed in a single VXI C-size enclosure. Rivaling the performance of costlier stand-alone models, the PG100 sets a new standards for VXI based instruments. Clean edges and accurate control of frequency, pulse widths, amplitude, offset, and transition times, mean you can perform not only functional tests, but parametric tests at frequencies up to 100 MHz with the PG100. The PG100 provides two output channels, trigger input, trigger output, and external clock input. Each module may be used in a stand-alone mode or in a Master / Slave configuration. In the Master / Slave mode, PG100 slave modules receive clock and trigger timing from the master module via two interconnect cables, ensuring tight timing specifications across all modules.

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10 Hz to 100 MHz
Programmable Pulse Widths or Duty Cycles
24 V p-p Programmable Amplitude; ± 12 V Range
Programmable Transition Times or Slew Rates
Programmable Delay
Double Pulse and Inverted Pulse Modes
Auto, Triggered, Counted Burst, Timed Counted Burst, Gated, External Width, and Master / Slave Modes
Internal, External, or VXI TTLTRG Triggers
Save / Recall up to 10 Setups to Non-Volatile RAM
Supports SCPI and IEEE 488.2 Commands

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