ILX Lightwave LDC-3916 16-Channel Laser Diode Controller

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The ILX Ligthwave LDC-16-Channel Laser Diode Controller is designed for simultaneous control of both laser current and temperature in a single mainframe for R&D or production test of optical amplifiers. Its high stability, low-noise current, and temperature controllers also makes it ideal for low-channel count burn-in systems. Laser current source, temperature, and combination controller modules are interchangeable between the 8 and 16 channel mainframes. The LDC-3916 provides up to 16 channels of laser diode current source and temperature control. It is a space-saving, 3U-high, rack-mountable instrument. A wide variety of laser control modules are available including LAS/TEC controller, dual channel laser current source, and dual channel temperature control modules. Controller modules source up to 500mA, 1A, or 1.5A of laser current with an integrated 9W TEC controller. Dual laser current source modules, with two isolated outputs, source 500mA or 1A, while dual channel temperature control modules provide two independent 9W outputs. For controlling up to 16 higher power pump lasers, a single output 3A current source is available. Instrument control in automated test environments is possible through the GPIB/IEEE-488 interface or RS-232 serial interface.

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16 independent, isolated channels for multiple laser and TE control
Wide variety of laser controller modules with up to 3A per channel
Dual channel laser current or TE control modules for control of up to 32 laser diodes
Current sources operate in constant current or constant power operating modes with direct modulation up to 1.2MHz
Temperature controllers operate in constant temperature or constant resistance mode with expanded gain setting from 1 to 127
GPIB/IEEE-488 or RS-232 remote control interface

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Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 24 × 31 in