HP/Agilent Keysight 16962A Timing Logic Analyzer Module

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HP/Agilent Keysight 16962A Timing Logic Analyzer Module

The Keysight 16962A logic analyzer module delivers the performance required for the latest high-speed standards like DDR3 and QuickPath Interconnect (QPI). In addition to covering emerging standards, the 16962A provides conventional state and timing measurements on single-ended or differential signals at rates up to 2 GHz state and 8 GHz timing. The 100 M samples of memory ensure you capture enough system activity to troubleshoot complex systems.


HP/Agilent Keysight 16962A Timing Logic Analyzer Module

Timing Analysis (Asynchronous Sampling)

  • Up to 125 ps (8 GHz), 400 M sample deep conventional timing analysis (2 GHz full-channel / 4 GHz half-channel / 8 GHz quarter-channel )
  • 2 GHz transitional timing

State Analysis (Synchronous Sampling)

  • State clock rates up to 2 GHz
  • Data rates up to 2 Gb/s (Double Data Rate – DDR) addresses all DDR speeds
  • Automated threshold/sample position setup for accurate measurements on high-speed buses
  • Simultaneous eye diagrams on all channels identify problems signals quickly

Configuration Considerations

  • 68-channels per module, combine up to 5 modules for 340 channels
  • Selectable memory depths: 4 M, 16 M, 32 M, 64 M, 100 M
  • Compatible with 90-pin logic analyzer probes. Probes are ordered separately. Keysight’s Probe Recommendations
  • Compatible with 16902B logic analyzer mainframes

Additional Capabilities

  • 2 GHz trigger sequencer enables reliable trigger and capture of DDR3 1600 signals at speed
  • Comprehensive single-ended and differential support

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