HP/Agilent E5381A Differential Flying Leads with 90-pin Cable Connector

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The Agilent E5381A flying lead set is the tool to use when probing points are dispersed on your target or a probing point was not designed in. This probe comes with a variety of high performance accessories that can be used to connect to designed in connectors or solder attached to surface mount components, vias, pads, traces and other PC board features. This probe can be used with any Agilent logic analyzer with a 90-pin cable connector.


  • Acquire signals from randomly located points in your target
  • Variety of supplied accessories allows connections to various components on your target including traces, pads, and vias
  • Acquire signals from randomly located points in your target
  • 17 channels, differential or single-ended clock and data
  • Extremely low, 0.9pf, equivalent load capacitance
  • Data rates of 1.5Gb/s (maximum rate dependent on analyzer used)
  • 200mV Vmax-Vmin minimum signal amplitude
  • Variety of supplied accessories creates maximum probing flexibility
  • Agilent E5381A Differential Flying Leads with 90-pin Cable Connector


Part Number Description
E5381-82101 Coaxial Tip Resistor, 82-Ohm
E5381-82102 Damped Wire, 160-Ohm
E5381-82103 Socket Adapter
E5381-82104 3-pin Header
E5381-92000 Configuration Card

This listing is for a set of Keysight E5381A differential flying leads. The package includes a 90-pin cable connector, user guide, and a case for safekeeping. Designed by Agilent, it is a high-quality product that is ideal for use in various test, measurement, and inspection applications of business and industrial equipment. The flying leads are in excellent working condition and are ready to use upon delivery. They are a perfect addition to your testing equipment and are compatible with other test equipment parts and accessories. Get this reliable and efficient item today and take your testing capabilities to the next level.

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