HP/Agilent E4487A CERJAC 31XE Transmission Test Set

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The field-portable HP E4487A CERJAC 156MTS combines SONET, ATM and T-carrier testing for installation, qualification, and maintenance testing from STS-1 electrical to DS0. The instrument provides a wide array of options to support evolving network measurement needs. “Auto” and “Troublescan” capabilities quickly synchronize with complex network configurations to report errors on a high-contrast display. A full suite of BER test patterns with alarm, error, and pointer monitoring and generation capability is included for T-carrier, clear-channel, and ATM payloads.

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•Field portable maintenance test sets for SONET, ATM and T-carrier testing
•Flexible configuration for evolving network testing needs



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E4487A CERJAC 31XE Transmission Test Set