HP/Agilent E1466A, 4 x 64 Relay Matrix Switch, VXI Module

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4 x 64 two-wire switching matrix configuration
Latching armature relays reduce power consumption
Rows expand to make larger matrixes
Downloadable channel lists into onboard memory
Includes QUIC easy-to-use terminal blocks

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The Agilent E1466A Relay Matrix Switch is a C-size, 1-slot, register-based VXI module. This 4 x 64 matrix switches each crosspoint – both high and low. The E1466A module provides the best cost-per-crosspoint for large matrix applications. It features easy expansion to larger matrixes via a chaining cable that allows you to interconnect rows and columns on different modules. A full 13-slot VXI mainframe can have up to 3072 two-wire crosspoints.

The E1466A shares the same switch card with the E1465A and E1467A; each product’s unique terminal block determines the matrix configuration. Therefore, you can change matrix topology simply by plugging in the various terminal blocks, which can be obtained separately. Creating a matrix as large as 4 x 256 requires four matrix modules and interconnected rows and columns on the terminal blocks. All of the E1465/66/67A matrix modules offer similar densities, with different row/column sizes and identical performance specifications. All specifications are identical for this family, except for crosstalk.

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