HP/Agilent E1458A 96-Channel Digital I/O Card

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The Agilent E1458A 96-Channel Digital Input/Output module is a C-size, 1-slot, register-based VXI module that offers twelve 8-bit bi-directional data ports. It provides block memory transfers and six GPIO handshake protocols (none, leading edge, trailing edge, pulse, partial, and strobe) for a wide range of applications. Functionally similar to the E1330B, the E1458A is intended for digital I/O control applications such as digital subassembly test or data acquisition and control. Each of the 12 identical ports consists of eight data lines and six handshake/control lines. Each 8-bit port is individually configured for positive/negative true logic and read/write or tri-state condition. The E1458A is arranged into three banks of four ports each. Ports can be combined within a bank, allowing data transmission using bytes, words (16-bit), or long words (32-bit). Data transmission can be from a single port (8-bits) or from multiple ports up to all 12 ports.

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1-Slot, C-size, register based
Twelve 8-bit input or output data ports for acquisition
Wide variety of output data types
Data port readback on a per-port basis
Control of interface driver tri-state capability
Block mode transfer to/from memory

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