HP/Agilent 8991A Peak Power Analyzer Includes Options 002/003

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The 8991A Peak Power Analyzer provides complete and accurate characterization of todays complex pulsed signals. The 8991A is capable of performing seven automatic timing measurements (rise time, fall time, pulse width, PRI, PRF, duty cycle, and delay) and five automatic power measurement (peak power, average power, pulse top/base amplitude, and overshoot) with push-button ease. Front-panel operation is intuitive and straightforward. Data entries can be typed in or made with the front panel knob; automatic measurements are made with simple keystroke. The 8991A offers two sensor channels plus two external triggering/oscilloscope channels, allowing the simultaneous measurement of modulating signals and detector power envelopes.

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Dynamic Range: >45 dB
Rise Time: <5 ns
Minimum Pulse Width: 20 ns
Amplitude and time markers for power measurements exactly at needed points
Two oscilloscope channels
Versatile triggering for the capture of exclusive glitches
Waveform math functions
Sensor and Video Inputs: 1 and 4; 2 and 3

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