HP/Agilent 89430A AY8, 2 MHz – 1.8GHz RF Section

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10 MHz to 1.8 GHz, Vector Signal Analyzer RF Section. Option AY8 convert HP 89410A to an HP 89440A. The Agilent 89430A increases the frequency range of the HP 89410A from dc – 10 MHz to 2 MHz – 1800 MHz. And increases the scalar frequency span on the top end from 10 MHz to 1798 MHz. Noise, amplitude and accuracy also improve.

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The option AY8 is an Internal RF Source- Retrofit at factory (HP 89440/430A)The 89440A vector signal analyzercover baseband through RF frequencies of dc to 1.8 GHz, in scalar and vectoranalysis modes. The scalar RF instrument mode allows full-frequency coverage inspans of 1798 MHz. Vector RF mode offers exceptional speed andadditional signal processing for enhanced time-domain characterization anddemodulation. Vector spans as wide as 7 MHz can be selected anywhere in the 1.8GHz frequency range. In vector RF mode, both phase and amplitudecharacteristics are captured in the time-series data. This information can beprocessed for narrow resolution spectrum anaysis, AM/FM/PM demodulation,time-selective analysis, and may other types of mesurements.

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