HP/Agilent 87075B Custom Multiport Test Set, 75 Ohms with Option H08

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The Agilent 87075B multiport test set dramatically reduces overall tune and test times because DUT only needs to be connected once to test multiple signal paths. Minimizing the number of connections also reduces operation fatigue and lowers the chance of connection to the wrong port. In addition, fewer connections means less wear on cables, connectors, fixtures and DUTs.
Many of today’s wireless communications, broadband, and cable-television components have three or more ports. These components require multiple connections for complete characterization with a two-port network analyzer. You can simplify high-volume tuning and testing of these devices by using a multiport test set between the device under test (DUT) and your network analyzer.

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75 Ohms
Solid State Switching

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Weight 24 lbs