Keysight 8663A High-Performance Signal Generator, 2.5 GHz with 002 and 003

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Spectral purity is the key contribution of the Agilent HP Keysight 8663A signal generator, making it ideal for many radar, satellite communication, and phase noise measurement applications. Typical absolute phase noise performance of this generator at a 1 kHz offset is as low as -135 dBc/Hz, depending on the band of operation. The frequency range of the Agilent 8663A is 100 kHz to 2560 MHz. It offers versatile AM, FM, phase (option 002), and pulse modulation using either internal or externally applied modulating signals. A programmable 10 Hz to 99.9 kHz modulation synthesizer provides internal rate generation for all four modulation types and can be swept in either a log or linear fashion. The signal generator also has simultaneous modulation capability.

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<-147 dBc/Hz SSB phase noise at 10 kHz offset
0.1 Hz frequency resolution
AM, FM, phase, and pulse modulation in one generator
Internal 10 Hz to 99.9 kHz modulation synthesizer
Optional MATE capability

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