HP/Agilent 85038A Calibration Kit, 7-16

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The Agilent 85038A calibration kit contains open circuits, short circuits and terminations with both male and female 7-16 connectors and has frequency coverage from dc to 7.5 GHz (usable to 8 GHz). Modern wireless communication systems require high-performance components offering low VSWR and low intermodulation distortion at high transmit power levels. To meet these needs, 7-16 connectors are becoming increasingly common in base station transmitters, amplifiers, duplexers, and other products. These connectors conform to IEC 169-4, DIN 47223, European standard EN 122190, and British standard BSEN 122190. To calibrate Agilent network analyzers for measurements of devices with 7-16 connectors, Agilent offers the 85038A calibration kit with precision 7-16 standards.

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Frequency Coverage: dc to 7.5 GHz (usable to 8 GHz)
Calibration standards with male and female 7-16 connectors

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