HP/Agilent 83206A TDMA Cellular Adapter

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The 83206A TDMA Cellular Adapter adds TDMA DAMPS/DCCH (IS-136) mobile measurement capability to the Agilent 8920B RF Communications Test Set. The 83206A TDMA Cellular Adapter (8920B-800) provides a complete π/4 DQPSK signal generator, π/4 DQPSK modulation analyzer, data source, and BER analyzer for TDMA measurements on DAMPS (IS-54) and DCCH (IS-136) phones. The 83206A replaces the 83201B TDMA cellular adapter (8920B-500) for making measurements on TDMA dual-mode DAMPS phones, adding digital control channel test features to fully characterize DCCH phones.

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DAMPS (IS-54) and DCCH (IS-136) mobile phone test adapter
π/4 DQPSK signal generator
 π/4 DQPSK analyzer
Bit Error Rate (BER) meter
Adjacent/alternate channel power measurements

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