HP/Agilent 70600A Preselector

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The 70600A provides optional preselection for the 71200C microwave spectrum analyzer. A preselector eliminates the image and multiple responses generated by the harmonic mixing technique used in the spectrum analyzer. A built-in attentuator in the preselector provides overload protection and allows you to set the proper input level to the 70905A/B RF Section for optimum dynamic range.

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Frequency Range
50 kHz to 22 GHz

Preselected Range
2.7 GHz to 22 GHz; low pass filter below 2.9 GHz

0 to 70 dB in 10 dB steps


RF Input
type N, 50 Ohm

LO emmissions
(10 dB atten, nominal

     bypass mode
<-10 dBm (0-22GHz)

     filtered mode
,-50 dBm (0-2.9 GHz), <-80 dBm (207-22 GHz)

0-12.7 GHz, <1.9:1

12.5 – 22/26.5 GHz, <2.2:1

RF Output
SMA, 50 Ohm, front panel

Tune + Span
input SMB, 1.5V/GHz, 1 M Ohm, rear panel

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 8 × 9 in