HP/Agilent 6692A 6600 Watt System Power Supply, 60V, 110A

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The Agilent 6692A model is part of the 669x series of power supplies, designed to provide performance needed for critical applications. This switching supply is very reliable. It was designed for base station testing and for simulating 42 V battery to be used in future cars. The supply can also be used for other applications that require high power, low noise and high reliability. The 6692A provides a variety of protection features for both the load and the power supply.

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High reliability
Auto-paralled up to three units
Outputs can be connected in series
Programmable over-voltage and over-current protection
Over- temperature protection
Discrete Fault Indicator/Remote Inhibit (DFI/RI)
Self-test occurs at power-on from a GPIB command
User definable power-on state
VXI plug&play

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