HP/Agilent 6264B Power Supply, 20V, 20A

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The Agilent 6264B constant-voltage / constant-current DC power supplies use a transistor series regulator combined with a triac preregulator for high efficiency, excellent regulation, and low ripple and noise. These supplies are suitably packaged for either bench or relay rack operation. The 6264B is housed in a 5 1/4-inch high full-rack-width cabinet.

The outputs of these supplies can be varied from zero to full rated voltage or current by setting coarse and fine voltage and current controls on the front panel, or they can be programmed remotely by resistance or voltage inputs to rear panel terminals.

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6264B output: 0-20 volts at 0-20 amps
6264B resolution: 2 mV, 20 mA
PARD (ripple and noise):

Constant voltage: <200 microVrms
 Constant current: <5 mArms

Built-in overvoltage protection crowbar circuit
Convection cooled
Remote programming of outputs
Remote sensing
Auto-parallel operation for sharing loads between two or three similar supplies
Auto-series operation for controlling the outputs of two or three supplies simultaneously
Auto-tracking operation for master-slave control where two or three supplies share a common negative output

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Weight 16 lbs