HP/Agilent 4286A – RF LCR Meter

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The HP/Agilent 4286A RF LCR Meter offers accurate and reliable measurements. The HP 4286A employs a RF I-V measurement technique, as opposed to the reflection measurement technique, yielding an accurate impedance measurement that extends way beyond 50 Ohms.

The 4286A provides you with an accurate impedance measurement capability for RF inductors, especially for nH values. Q measurement accuracy has been improved due to HP’s advanced calibration technique; typical Q accuracy is 6% @ 100 MHz (Q=100). You can reduce the design uncertainty by measuring your devices true impedance values at operating conditions.

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Test Frequency 1 MHz to 1 GHz with 10 kHz resolution
Impedance Range 200 milli to 3 kOhms
Basic Accuracy Z: 1 %, D: 0.01

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