HP/Agilent 16760A Timing and State Module

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Keysight (Agilent / HP)

The Agilent 16760A state and timing module, with its new eye scan feature is the first logic analyzer that displays eye diagrams similar to eye diagrams on an oscilloscope. Eye scan enables you to acquire, display and analyze eye diagrams on hundreds of channels simultaneously without the need to move probes. The 16760’s low-capacitance, high-density probes provide minimum loading of your high-speed parallel buses. In addition, the 16760 makes conventional state and timing measurements, and has differential inputs that can acquire signals at rates up to 1.5 Gbits/s. Its 64 M samples of memory ensure you have the memory needed to troubleshoot complex systems.

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  • New eye scan feature saves you time by measuring eye diagrams on hundreds of channels simultaneously, without having to move connectors.
  • Low capacitive probe loading minimizes disturbance of your high-speed bus.
  • Differential inputs are compatible with LVDS, HSTL, and other high-speed differential signals.
  • Eye finder automatically adjusts setup and hold on all channels with 10 ps resolution.
  • 64 Msamples acquisition memory (128 M in 1.5 Gb/s mode) helps you solve problems in complex systems.


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16760-97013 Service Manual


5988-9044EN On-Line Help
B3760-92003 Quick Start Guide


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