HP/Agilent 1673G Standalone Logic Analyzer

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The Agilent 1673G offers solid logic analysis.

Deep memory options let you capture more data and save you from having to set up complex triggers. The integrated oscilloscope option lets you view analog and digital signals simultaneously. The integrated pattern generator option lets you stimulate a device under test while you capture its response with the logic analyzer.

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34 channels of logic analysis
Solid performance: 150 MHz state speed, 500 MHz timing speed, 64K standard
acquisition memory, 256K memory with Option 001, 2M memory with Option
Option 003 Oscilloscope: 2 channel, 500 MHz, 2 GSa/s, 32K memory
Option 004 Pattern Generator: 32 channel, 100M vector/sec, 256K vector
deep 2 GB hard drive and 1.44 MB DOS floppy drive
VGA resolution, color, flat-panel display helps you to find information
Navigating through the well-designed user interface is made simple via
your choice of either mouse or front-panel operation
Optional PC-style keyboard supported
File formats for ASCII data and PCX/TIFF/EPS screen shots
Centronics printer port, GPIB and RS-232 programmability
LAN for remote operation via X-Windows and data transfers via FTP/NFS
23 predefined trigger functions with graphical representations and plain
language descriptions for easy setup of powerful measurements

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