HP/Agilent 11850C Three-Way Power Splitter, 50 Ohm

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The Agilent 11850C is a 50 ohm three-way power splitter that is recommended for use with the Agilent 8753 network analyzer. Its connectors are type-N female. The Agilent 11851B RF cable kit is suggested.

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Frequency range: dc to 3 GHz
Connectors: type-N female
Tracking ±0.3 dB, ±3.5°
Leveling: 20 dB at 3 GHz
Nominal insertion loss: 9.5 dB + 1dB/GHz
Input Port Match: dc to 1.3 GHz: 20 dB, 1.3 GHz to 3 GHz: 10 dB

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