HP/Agilent 1152A Active Probe, 2.5 GHz

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The Agilent 1152A active probe’s bandwidth, superior accuracy, and reliability make it an ideal companion for the Agilent 54845A 1.5 GHz bandwidth oscilloscope. The low input capacitance of the active probe eliminates distortion caused by excessive loading. As frequency increases, probe tip capacitance decreases the impedance of the probe by Xc=1/(2pi*fC), resulting in measurement error, depending on the source impedance of the output device. The Agilent 1152A’s low tip capacitance becomes a distinct advantage as frequency increases. Nonintrusive, reliable probing provides faithful reproduction of signals.


2.5 -GHz bandwidth
140 ps rise time
1% long-term flatness
±0.5% dc gain accuracy
200 Vac max input tolerance
±12 kV ESD tolerance
Pliable, replaceable probe tips
±5 V dc + peak ac
AutoProbe interface compatible
Bandwidth (-3 dB): >2.5 GHz
Risetime (10% to 901%): <140 ps (calculated from tr=0.35/bandwidth)
Attenuation factor: 10:1
dc Input resistance: 100 kO ±1%
Input capacitance: 0.6 pF (typical)
Maximum input voltage: ±40 V (dc + peak ac(<20 MHz)), CAT I

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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

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