Cytec VDX/16×16-75 Ohm Switch Amplifier

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The VDX Chassis are standard 19″ rack mount with either
RS232 or IEEE488 Control and BNC Connectors. Any input
to any or all outputs.

The following chassis are available:
VDX/16×16 Mainframe – 3.5″ high and 15.6″ depth
16×16 Matrix – (any input to any or all outputs)

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This Chassis consists of a single ended Solid State 16×16
Matrix that routes 75 ohm signals up to 200 MHz in a nonblocking
(any input to any output) and full fan-out (one input to several
or all outputs) configuration. The basic unit holds the necessary
power supplies and the switch matrix module. The system
is completed by adding the desired control module and
any required input or output buffers. The buffers are optional,
and when used, supply impedance matching and/or signal level
transformations. This design allows a large variety of signal
types to be switched.

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 17 × 3.3 in

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