Anritsu 3654D V Connector Calibration Kit

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Supports Calibration with Opens
Supports Calibration with Shorts
Supports Calibration with Broadband loads
Option 1 adds sliding loads

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1. 17V50C Male Sliding Termination (3654D-1 only)
2. 17VF50C Female Sliding Termination (3654D-1 only)
3. 01-311 Female Flush Short (3654D-1 only)
4. 01-312 Male Flush Short (3654D-1 only)
5. 01-322 Pin Depth Gauge
a. 01-323 Female Adapter for Pin Depth Gauge
b. 01-210 Reference Flat
6. 01-201 5/16” (8 mm) Torque End Wrench, set to 8 lbf·in (0.9 N·m)
7. 33VFVF50C Female to Female Phase Equal Adapter (2 each)
8. 33VV50C Male to Male Phase Equal Aadapter
9. 33VVF50C Male to Female Adapter (2 each)
10. 23VF50C-5.1 Female Short (5.1 mm offset)
11. 23V50C-5.1 Male Short (5.1 mm offset)
12. 24VF50C Female Open
13. 24V50C Male Open
14. 28VF50D Female Broadband Termination (2 each)
15. 28V50D Male Broadband Termination (2 each)
16. A18311 Connector Thumb Wheel (4 each)
17. Calibration Component Coefficients on USB Memory Device
18. 01-204 Universal Adapter Wrench (2 each)
19. Calibration Component Coefficients on 3.5” Diskette

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Weight 5 lbs

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