HP/Agilent E5071C ENA Network Analyzer, 9 kHz to 8.5 GHz or 300 kHz to 20 GHz w/Options 480/010/008/1E5/017/810/820

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Includes Options: 480/010/008/1E5/017/810/820 The Agilent E5071C network analyzer offers the highest RF performance and fastest speed in its class, with a wide frequency range and versatile functions. The E5071C is the ideal solution for manufacturing and R&D engineers evaluating RF components and circuits for frequency range up to 20 GHz. The new 6.5 and 14 GHz options expand the E5071C’s frequency range beyond the existing 4.5, 8.5 and 20 GHz line-up, allowing users to select the most suitable frequency option for their specific application and significantly reducing the production line’s cost of test. Both the 6.5 and 14 GHz options support 2- and 4-port configurations. Such flexibility is ideal for component manufacturers, wireless designers and aerospace/defense contractors performing RF component test.

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Wide dynamic range: > 123 dB dynamic range at test port (typical)
Fast measurement speed: 41 ms @ full 2-port cal, 1601 points
Low trace noise: 0.004 dB rms @ 70 kHz IFBW
Integrated S-parameter test set
Port options: 2-port and 4-port
Balanced measurements (4-port option)
Frequency options: From 9 kHz – 4.5 GHz/6.5 GHz/8.5 GHz, 100 kHz
– 4.5 GHz/6.5 GHz/8.5 GHz (with bias tees), 300 kHz – 14 GHz/20 GHz
(with bias tees)

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