Advantest D3286 12 Gb/s Error Detector

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The D3286 Error Detector offers excellent waveforms with high speed and high quality and diverse error detecting functions in an operating frequency range from 150 Mbps to 12.5 Gbps. In addition, with the 8 M-bit large capacity memory and ADVANTEST’s unique frame pattern generation function, the D3286 is a new generation of error performance test system which is compatible with STM-1 (155.52 Mbps) to STM-64 (9.95 Gbps) in SDH/SONET.

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Excellent waveform quality
Generation of SDH/SONET frame patterns (mixed patterns) which are close to actual data
8M-bit memory, 31 stages for PRBS
Multi-channel output : 2 data channels, 3 clock channels, and 7 sub-rate channels
Cross point variable for output waveform
Burst signal output


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