Acterna-Communications ANT-20SE Advance Network Tester WANDEL-GOLTERMANN

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The Acterna / JDSU ANT-20s built-in PC with its Windows based design makes integration and use of the instrument in various work environments simple and easy. Test results can be saved internally in the ANT-20 or on diskette and printed in report format on any standard printer. PC software such as Microsoft Excel or Word can also be used for documentation purposes. The ANT-20se’s built-in help functions are easily accessible, delivering answers and technical information directly to the user.

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Multi-rate transmission testing from DS1 to OC-192c and E1 to STM-64c
Modular platform offering SONET, DSn, SDH, and ATM capabilities
Large color touch screen display
Intuitive, easy-to-use user interface
Flexible integration into lab or manufacturing test environments
Modular hardware and software concept
Portable mainframe


BERT and Performance testing – Test for DSn, PDH, SONET, and SDH signals support of bit error rate test for all standard bit rates along with performance tests according to the latest ITU-T recommendations
Jitter and Wander analysis – Generation and analysis of jitter and wander for bit rates from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps fully compliant to ITU-T Recommendation O.172
Analysis of Tandem Connection Monitorig (TCM) – Verifies the proper implementation of TCM in your SDH network
Comprehensive ATM testing – Tests ATM networks for correct operation and Quality of Service (QoS). Depending on the application, the ANT-20 has test solutions for permanent virtual circuits (PVC) and switched virtual circuits (SVC)
Test Automation – Time and cost savings through automation. The CATS test sequencer is test automation software designed to run on the ANT-20’s built-in PC. It is the ideal tool for automating repeat test procedures
Remote operation – Due to the Microsoft Windows-based design, the same software can be run on both the ANT-20 and on a laptop or PC, enabling complicated and time-consuming tests to be carried out remotely.
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