FleXus Field Repairable, Lab Grade FL Series Test Cables, up to 26.5 GHz, Velocity Microwave


FleXus field-repairable general purpose cables, to 26.5 GHz.  Available with Type N, SMA or 3.5mm connectors.

Repair Process Video

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Velocity Microwave extends the concept of sustainable cables to provide FleXus which balances performance and value.  Like the field-repairable ConeXus cables, the FleXus cables can be repaired in order to extend their service life and save you money over the life of the cable.  Repairs can be completed on-site to virtually eliminate downtime.  The FleXus series covers 18-26.5 GHz and can be specified with Type N, SMA or 3.5mm connectors, male or female.

The FleXus series cables are offered in standard lengths of 26″, 30″, 39″, 48″ and 60″.  Custom lengths can be ordered.

Checkout the video below for a demonstration of the simple process used to replace connectors on the FleXus cable products.

Repair Process Video

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Standard Configurations

FL-NM-NM-26, FL-NF-NF-26, FL-NF-NM-26, FL-SMAM-SMAM-26, FL-SMAF-SMAF-26, FL-SMAF-SMAM-26, FL-35M-35M-26, FL-35F-35F-26, FL-35F-35M-26, FL-NM-NM-30, FL-NF-NF-30, FL-NF-NM-30, FL-SMAM-SMAM-30, FL-SMAF-SMAF-30, FL-SMAF-SMAM-30, FL-35M-35M-30, FL-35F-35F-30, FL-35F-35M-30, FL-NM-NM-39, FL-NF-NF-39, FL-NF-NM-39, FL-SMAM-SMAM-39, FL-SMAF-SMAF-39, FL-SMAF-SMAM-39, FL-35M-35M-39, FL-35F-35F-39, FL-35F-35M-39, FL-NM-NM-48, FL-NF-NF-48, FL-NF-NM-48, FL-SMAM-SMAM-48, FL-SMAF-SMAF-48, FL-SMAF-SMAM-48, FL-35M-35M-48, FL-35F-35F-48, FL-35F-35M-48, FL-NM-NM-60, FL-NF-NF-60, FL-NF-NM-60, FL-SMAM-SMAM-60, FL-SMAF-SMAF-60, FL-SMAF-SMAM-60, FL-35M-35M-60, FL-35F-35F-60, FL-35F-35M-60

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